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Strobes reduces complexity by addressing the challenges of siloed teams, consolidating discrete network tools, and providing a unified view of tool and scan outputs, while removing the need to correlate separate spread sheets and PDFs.

Most organization’s vulnerability management is based on responding to ad hoc business needs or meeting minimum compliance requirements. Unfortunately, this approach leaves more time and space for vulnerabilities to take root in your network. Our continuous vulnerability management program combines manual processes with cutting edge automation, and brings tools, teams, and stakeholders together to fix critical issues fast. Gain visibility into risk based on assets, vulnerabilities, business units, and more.

Steps to achieve mature vulnerability management

Steps to achieve  mature vulnerability management
  • Asset Discovery and Management - Ingest all assets and categorize them for safekeeping.
  • Vulnerability Assessment - Identify potential system vulnerabilities through various tools.
  • Vulnerability Prioritization - Prioritize vulnerabilities based on potential impact and likelihood.
  • Vulnerability Remediation - Address vulnerabilities through patching, security controls, and employee training.
  • Monitoring & Review - Continuously monitor systems and review the vulnerability management program regularly.


Hacking Vulnerability Remediation

FEB 24, 2023 | 11:30 PM
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Venu Rao
CEO, Strobes Security

Expertise in

  • Risk-based Asset Inventory - Creating and maintaining an accurate asset inventory and gain the ability to tag assets with risk.
  • Vulnerability Aggregation - Pull vulnerabilities from any part of the organization and associate each asset with a threat risk.
  • Vulnerability Prioritization - Prioritizing the most important vulnerabilities based on your criteria and sending the right set of vulnerabilities to the correct stakeholders.
  • Facilitating multiteam collaboration - Vulnerability management involves engaging multiple teams who work in silos.
  • Removing chaos - Our process removes chaos which allows us to see vulnerabilities affecting your most important assets and alert you faster via the platform or personally.

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