Strobes VM365

Super-charge your vulnerability management

Strobes VM365 is the frontier that gives you a consolidated view of all the findings from various security sources, empowering your teams to focus on resolving the right set of findings.

Pulls multiple sourced vulnerabilities together

We understand that every organization invests in security differently based on their environment, ecosystem, and requirements. To best support you, we provide over 60+ connectors that cover your entire security stack for Vulnerability Scanners ( SAST, DAST, Network) Internal Security Team, External Security Vendors, Bug Bounty Programs, and more.

Check out the Connectors Library here!

Secure your ecosystem

Took care of your daily, weekly, and monthly scans?

What about the risks posed by third-party vendors, subsidiaries, and external entities?

Leverage Strobes to uncover the entire threat landscape and discover the vulnerabilities in your entire ecosystem. Onboard the business units, assets, and vulnerability report in Strobes. Correlate it all to defend and secure all.

Deduplicate, predict, prioritize and combat attacks

Now it’s time to analyze all of the ingested data. Strobes is empowered with machine learning to analyze and deduplicate the vulnerabilities, thus reducing the number by manifolds.

Score it to prioritize it

All the deduplicated vulnerabilities are scored using our unique Scoring Engine. Eight comprehensive scoring parameters such as Exploit Availability, Vulnerability Age, Patch Availability, etc. are leveraged to produce the final score.

This score acts as a uniform language for the teams to understand the priority, impact, and risk posed by the vulnerability.

The Asset Sensitivity, Business Contextualization, and SLAs further ensure that the teams are fixing the right vulnerability.

Automation with Workflows

Nothing can beat the automation that Strobes has to offer.

Post prioritization and scoring the strobes allow the organization to automate mundane processes using no-code workflows to increase people and technology efficacy.

Right from automating your quarterly scans, to creating a ticket in JIRA for an application bug, to triggering  remote scans right from your CI/CD Pipeline, all of this can be automated and managed in Strobes.

Measurable visibility

A clear vision of how your vulnerability management posture has improved is the biggest ROI any organization can look for.

Through customizable reports, the CXOs get clear visibility on parameters like Security Health Risk, Organization Risk Score, Average Turnaround Time of resolution, and many more! 

These parameters help the executives to make intelligent decisions to enhance the security risk posture of the organization.

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