Strobes DevSecOps

Continuous Security at the Speed of DevOps

If you had to pick between development velocity and app security, what would your choice be? Tough, isn’t it? Strobes users never need to choose!

DevOps to DevSecops

Transition today to DevSecOps as a service to experience the numerous benefits
Increasing efficiency and productivity with integrations
With increased efficiency of DevOps pipelines for periodic and regular scanning, irrespective of the current workflows, Strobes provides integrations with leading AppSec tools.
Manage AppSec tools
Ensure all AppSec tools and policies are managed and governed from a single management system to maintain regular scanning right through SDLC.
Remediation at the blink of an eye
Based on the task at hand, along with the associated risk and business impacts, Strobes provides Aggregation, Prioritization, Remediation, Reduction of AppSec Vulnerabilities and much more.
Advanced visibility
Strobes understands that reports which provide details of the AppSec risks for the application dashboard are of utmost importance. Hence, the platform offers advanced analytics along with an high-level overview.
Ownership for every level point
Strobes provides DevSecOps as a service popular risk trends and integral metrics at various levels like enterprise level, to separate business functions, product teams and to individual DevOps teams. This ensure that every function of your organization is not just accountable but also develops a sense of ownership.

This is why we are popular in the Developer Community!

No Additional Learning Required

All our scans are initiated via CI/CD tools. Hence, we do not need developers to face a learning curve to call or maintain a AppSec tool.

Numerous Options For Tool Support

In order to offer tools that are in-line with developer’s choice, Strobes offers popular commercial and open-source AppSec scanning tools and integral DevOps tools. 

90:1 Ratio of Noise Reduction

Strobes eliminates noise via compression, deduplication, aggregation and much more of AppSec vulnerabilities.

Outputs specifically designed for developers

To align with developers, Strobes offers the feature of prioritized tickets and seamless integrations with popular developer tools. 

Maintain Software Hygiene

Right from comparing propriety and third-party code and narrowing down on high-risk areas to maintaining record on the intensity and number of occurrences, Strobes provides the best software quality avaliable.

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