Strobes PTaaS

Pentest Reporting and Management Platform

We provide a continuous cycle of Penetration Testing combined with Remediation, Vulnerability Management  via Strobes to protect/enhance your security posture.

Traditional vs Modern Pentesting


  • High Cost
  • Sluggish Testing Process
  • Error Prone Reporting
  • Inefficiencies


  • Scalable
  • Qualified Domain Experts
  • Self-Service Model
  • Cost Effective
  • Faster Results

Why the need for continuous security assessments?

Adoption of the Agile framework results in frequent modifications to the code
Open-source software releases new versions and patches very often
Lack of cloud configuration training to the resources
Hackers using sophisticated methods to attack & compromise the systems

Strobes Penetration Testing Methodology

Onboard & Planning
Strobes help you perform Vulnerability Management while minimizing overall risks. Our team will help you pick the Penetration Testing services that you require based on your company’s assets and tech stack. We believe in clear communication with our clients to accurately understand and cater to their needs and priorities. Our SaaS portal enables direct engagement and promotes collaboration between various teams.
After getting onboarded, Strobes helps you evaluate the scope of your infrastructure, including the company’s domains, servers, endpoints, and other devices with IP addresses. From this, we eliminate the assets that do not fall under the scope of the testing. After enumerating all the assets that are to be tested, we further define the testing duration.
In the testing phase, we first analyze the known security weaknesses and loopholes within your infrastructure. We focus on ensuring the security of all your assets and data by performing a wide range of manual and automated tests to weed out any potential vulnerabilities. We use an exhaustive list of methods for penetration testing, including those covered in popular industry frameworks like OWASP.
Once the testing is done, it is crucial to present the findings to the security team, IT team, and senior-level decision makers in an accessible and coherent manner. Through Strobes, we identify all the vulnerabilities that put your assets and data at risk of exposure and we report our findings in both PDF format and via online reports accessible on the Strobes platform.
Along with reporting with findings on the observed vulnerabilities, we provide you with an extensive set of recommendations to aid the senior executives and the IT team in implementing mitigations for those flaws. We help you accelerate the fixing process for observed vulnerabilities by equipping teams with specific technical details, testing methodologies, and other actionable insights. Furthermore, our online ticketing system helps eliminate any obstacles in the fixing process through expert advice from Strobes security researchers.
Once all the stakeholders have perused the report and acted on it, we proceed to repeat the test to validate the efficacy of our findings and the mitigations implemented. An updated report, which will be generated after the retest, can be downloaded from the Strobes platform. This report will highlight the patching status for each of the observed vulnerabilities. If all the vulnerabilities have been addressed successfully, the report will show a clean build and the company will be issued a security certificate valid for 12 months.
With on-demand tests available through Strobes, companies can iterate and improve their penetration testing program to guarantee continued coverage of all security risks.

A complete solutions arsenal

Orchestrating people and technology

Get easy access to a large pool of pentesting experts with vast experience and the skills required to test your specific technology infrastructure.

Match with the right talent, irrespective of the type of your assets, including web, mobile, or desktop app, APIs, and network or cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure).

Get a renewed outlook in every penetration test.

Our pentesting services are tailored to your needs. You get complete control to plan a dynamic, scalable program.

On-demand pentesting service within 24 hours

Develop a consistent and reliable pentesting program to maintain compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and other regulations.

Our pentesting team is always there within reach at a moment’s notice. You get real-time visibility and access to pentesters throughout the process to help you prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities rapidly.

Communicate and work in tandem with your pentesters in real-time

Monitor progress of the pentesting program with detailed reporting and analytics

We integrate with every organization’s distinct technology infrastructure and the corresponding security priorities.

From testing to mitigation, our pentesting insights are delivered straight into your DevOps pipeline via Jira and GitHub, or using the Strobes API.

Real-time status updates and dissemination of technical details from pentesters through our Slack integration.

We have a wide array of penetration testing services to suit all business needs!

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