Workflow & Integration

Creating a Seamless Workflow 

The glue to bond multiple pieces of the puzzle

Having disparate parts of your vulnerability management workflow leads to inefficiencies and clusters of overlapping information.

Strobes provides a single place to monitor and mitigate vulnerabilities across all your assets. Connect your workflow by leveraging our supported connectors to link your DAST, SAST, vulnerability scanners related to networks, cloud containers, mobile apps and other sources within your workflow.

Automated Actions

Operate without obstacles

Organizations wanting to protect assets need insights to any potential security gaps on demand to prevent a cascading security crisis. Strobes provides the ability to trigger vulnerability scans, even remotely, or schedule them for later. With connectors, teams are to define their own workflows.

Path to DevSecOps

Facilitating security-first development

Teams that lead with a security first mindset agree that security testing is important. Our native Jenkins plugin allows users to trigger scans in succession to the CI/CD pipeline, thereby transforming the existing DevOps set up into a DevSecOps pipeline.

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