Visualization & Analytics

Top-Down view

Know where you are and where you are headed

While the detection and patching of vulnerabilities is an on-going process, executives need detailed insights into their security posture and changes that are taking place.

Unparalleled visibility from prioritization score

Scanner ROI evaluation

Timeline and risk score aid priorities of patching teams (is this CXO level info?)

Risk-posing vulnerability highlights

Fill the Gaps and Save Time

Stay ahead of the game and increase efficiency

Patching critical security flaws is always a race against time. Strobes provides an accurate view into the amount of time (TAT) it takes to close issues and removes duplicate alerts.

Decode the different avatars of vulnerabilities

Identify recurring vulnerabilities

Prioritize resources to areas requiring improvement

Mindful Metrics

Measure, Prioritize, Strategize

Organizations that have clear insights on their asset security won’t be exploited by adversaries.

Management dashboard with custom KPs and KRIs

Scanner specific dashboards for SAST, DAST, Cloud and Network

Number of open exploits within your network

Identify the most vulnerable operating system in your assets.

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