People Orchestration

Connecting Teams

Join hands for a shared objective

Tired of context switching? The hassle of navigating through heaps of email threads to discuss a critical issue harms productivity and leads to loss of information.

Vulnerabilities affect multiple stakeholders and require cooperation for mitigation. Strobes connects all teams to one place, ensuring everyone is equally informed.

Collaborate and Engage

what are people orchestration opportunities?

Strobes is a collaborative environment that engages all internal and external stakeholders. Team members can comment and take part in mitigation efforts for all vulnerability alerts ensuring that all flaws are checked.


Manual deduplication is a luxury/pretty expensive

There is no point in digging a well, when the house is ablaze! Losing valuable time in mitigation due to delays in information flow?

Now, always be in the loop through Strobes integrations with communication tools like Slack to get real-time updates.

No more room for unmitigated crisis regardless of where and how you operate.

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