Patch Prioritization

Prioritization scoring

In a sea of vulnerabilities, which shell exploit is it to be first fixed?

Vulnerabilities can't be fixed upon a first come first serve basis! Each vulnerability is a battle in itself, battles with variable impacts. It is of utmost importance that before combatting, impact is measured.

The vulnerability prioritization score computes the impact based upon 8 comprehensive parameters such as Business Sensitivity, Asset Exposure, etc. With vulnerability prioritization scoring, the analyst gets clarity on which vulnerabilities are to be fixed first which increases people, process, and technology efficiency by manifolds.

Vulnerability Intelligence Enrichment

Need context before fixing the prioritized vulnerabilities?

Strobes Intel is an agglomeration of 14 vulnerability intelligence sources to contextualize and prioritize vulnerabilities. Real-time enrichment from XO intel ensures you are fixing the right vulnerability at the right time.

Customer Scoring Parameters

Custom vulnerability prioritization makes the fixing process perfect

Customers can choose their own custom parameters such as Asset Exposure, Asset Business Sensitivity, Vulnerability Sensitivity, Turnaround time, exploit availability and patch availability. Each parameter has its own custom weight, so you are in control of prioritizing your assets at a granular level.

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