Machine Learning Empowered

Let's put the machine to work

Allow your security analysts to spend their time on more interesting tasks than de-duping vulnerabilities. Strobes automatically dedupes ingress vulnerabilities with machine learning. Our platform draw correlations between vulnerabilities, checks for monotony in descriptions and filters out unique vulnerabilities.


Automation alone isn't enough to fight the VM Battle

The true battle rhythm doesn't just rely on automation alone, but also how accurately the automation is working. 

A simple python script might automate your deduplication but the false positives would be a byproduct.

Strobes algorithms run multiple checkers in the background before they mark a vulnerability duplicate. With an accuracy of greater than 90%, Strobes has expedited the vulnerability management process and made it 5X faster for our clients.

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Cost and metrics

Manual deduplication is a luxury/pretty expensive

On evaluating the archaic methodology of manual deduplication, one can observe analyst fatigue is an inevitable outcome which either leads to an increase in the cost of human resource that is hiring more analysts or losing your crown jewels as they quit.

Another frequent outcome that can be observed is increased costs across all process verticals. When the vulnerability identification, aggregation, deduplication, and prioritization processes are manually performed, it can lead to increased downtime costs for critical assets.

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