Asset Risk Management


All assets matter

Onboard your web application, mobile, app, API, Cloud Instance, Host or network components to Strobes, ensuring a 360-degree security overview.

Strobes bridges the gap between security, development, DevOps and IT teams to manage all asset risks on one platform.


Some assets need some extra attention

Strobes classifies assets using contextual parameters including severity exposure, criticality, and business unit keeping a close watch on assets that matter most.

Have few critical assets that have to undergo a monthly scan for compliance? Have critical assets that carry PII, transactional, healthcare, customer, or employee information needing extra care?


Steady your defense game

Strobes provides granular control over the asset risk management process with 3 scores: Asset Risk Score, Asset Type Risk Score and the Asset Group Risk Score. These scores help your teams align priorities

This enables granular control over the entire asset risk management process. Asset management helps ensure that security teams detect threats before they evolve into serious risks.

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