Advanced Reporting

Focused analysis

Surface the details that matter the most

When vulnerability reports pile up, do you find it challenging to understand how your various assets are affected? Is the signal vs noise ratio too low?

Now, ingest vulnerability reports from all different sources and let Strobes automatically pick out the most relevant details for each asset type.

Standardized Reporting

Consistent and coherent reporting with ease

Keep your reporting consistent; whether it be from external vendors or 100s of parameters to comb through. Strobes provides templates and selects the important fields for each type of asset to ensure report standardization across your organization. You also can upload evidence attachments.

Customized Reporting

Tailor-made reporting at your fingertips

Customize your vulnerability template by tweaking your parameters, adding your own parameters and use XSS autofill capabilities. Export your reports to CSV or PDF and send to whomever you wish.

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