Who are we?

Our journey began in 2016 when Venu (CEO), Srini (COO) and Akhil (CTO) started consulting in the cybersecurity space utilizing Ahkil’s development skills and popularity in the bug bounty industry with fame from Google and Microsoft. The three started WeSecureApp and performed penetration testing for Global Enterprise companies including Samsung US, Accenture AU and Pixar.

Our solutions were directed at DevOps and business teams helping them understand and implement risk-based vulnerability management and DevSecOps tools and processes and other services.

Our inspiration story!

Our accelerated experience in the security space quickly taught us about the needs shared by the majority of our 150 customers which centered around vulnerability management and in particular prioritizing vulnerabilities among disparate teams and regions.

As a result, we launched Strobes in 2019 from our US headquarters in the heart of Texas. Our executive staff, which has a combined security experience of 65 years, understands the challenges with using legacy vulnerability management tools which are not able to consolidate, assess and present the findings in a simple prioritized view. In addition, there are no approval or validation processes that serve as a guide for what to do after identifying a threat.

Who are we?

We are headquartered in the heart of Texas, USA. Our founding team at Strobes has had humble beginnings, we started off as an app security organization and then slowly and steadily worked our way up the ladder and finally launched Strobes in 2019.

Working with tons of security professionals, DevOps and business teams across the globe on a daily basis, equipping them to walk the path of risk-based vulnerability management and DevSecOps, is what brings us back to work every single day!

Our inspiration story!

Being security professionals, we knew and absolutely understood the frustration of using legacy vulnerability management tools, which brings along a whopping 20,000-item fix list. To add to that, there was no approved and validated process that would serve as a guide on what to do next after spotting a threat, all the way to fixing it.

The world of cyber threat management clearly had no order or means to work through all the unfixed and upcoming vulnerabilities. This was a problem that needed solving and immediate attention!

Where does Strobes come into the picture?

The landscape of cyber threat management solutions on the market today lack the comprehensive process and workflow to assess and resolve the existing and new  vulnerabilities.  This approach increases the efforts required to resolve the findings and reduces the overall risk profile for an organization.

The Strobes team developed and refined the process for vulnerability management and transformed it into a solution that automates the efforts. The solution seamlessly and effectively identifies vulnerabilities and follows a validated process to efficiently resolve the findings. Strobes completes this by coordinating activities of the teams and individuals involved in threat management and equips them with cutting-edge technology and securing the Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CICD) pipeline.

Strobes helps companies save time and resources by tracking their assets, managing, and prioritizing vulnerabilities, and automating scans and reporting.  Using our Threat Intel Tool, XO Intel, Strobes provide an exploit feed that alerts you when assets are exposed to internal or external threats. Strobes also addresses risks posed by third-party vendors, subsidiaries, and external entities.  Strobes offers over 45 connectors for monitoring, scanning and testing software and services. Your entire security infrastructure is continually monitored, managed and protected.

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