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Connect developers, security teams & automated scanners to find, prioritize & fix vulnerabilities at the speed of DevOps.

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introducing strobes


Strobes provides powerful analytics that enables the c-suite in a deeper understanding of your organization’s application security posture as well as your team’s pace to respond to security vulnerabilities.


Integrate your common testing, scanning and build automation tools via connectors. This will extend the strobe’s functionality outside of its platform and truly automates the DevOps process essentially transforming it into DevSecOps.


Strobes uses strobes knowledge bank (SKB) that analyses the type of vulnerabilities that are being reported and prepares a tailored training report that helps your development team in avoiding the vulnerabilities that are common in nature and repetitive.

"Pushing security to the left"


Strobes integrates with most of the popular SAST, DAST &  Dependency scanning tools. Using few simple steps an organization can integrate Strobes with their DevOps while transforming it into DevSecOps. Following is image that shows how a SAST tool can integrated in your CI/CD pipeline using Strobes.

"Integrations made simple"


Some of connectors that Strobes integrates with

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