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Experience faster collaborations and better results with platform enabled pentesting provided by the best white hats

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Start a Pentest in 4 Steps

Starting a pentest is now easy! Simply drop a request on the platform and the test will begin in less than 48hrs

Create Assets
Create assets with required details like URL, IP, business sensitivity etc.
Create Engagement
Provide us with the information like scope, VPN details, test accounts
Schedule the assessment for today or next month, and our platform will notify automatically
Starts in < 48hrs
Our world class hackers will start the test in less than 48hrs from the scheduled date

Benefits of PTaaS

With platform enabled pentesting, you can now eliminate emails and ensure faster collaboration

Faster Reporting
2x faster than legacy pentests
Taxanomy Mappings
Map issues with OWASP, CWE and NIST
Integrate with Jira & Slack
Send issues right into Jira
World Class Hackers
Certified with OSCP, Crest, OSCP, etc, and conducted over 1000+ assessments

Meet our Customers

We are working with over 200+ customers globally enabling them to implement mature vulnerability programs

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Sarah Lin
Developer at FinApp

I love SoftBit! The integration process was super simple. We use it every single day to keep track of all our daily downloads.

Josh Stevens
Founder of CourseApp

Softbit is the ultimate analytics tool for every company that's serious about maximizing their website's traffic and click-through-rate.

Andrew Young

You can tell that SoftBit is the best analytics tool after using it for a few minutes. I absolutely love the intuitive and clean dashboard.


Build a Robust Vulnerability Management Program

Integrate multiple vulnerability scanners, asset inventory tools and make your VM process more mature


Scalable and Faster Vulnerability Management


Ingest assets and vulnerabilities from multiple sources with auto deduplication


With vulnerability intelligence enabled prioritization, streamline patching efforts by focusing on the top 3%

Vulnerability Management 10x Faster

Everything happens on one platform, from ingesting vulnerabilities to collaborating with different teams to closing them

Group 13046

Agglomerate vulnerabilities from various sources.




Security Teams

Security Teams

Evaluate cost-to-value to defeat Vulnerability Weaponization.

Asset Sensitivity
Exploit Availability
Vulnerability age


Asset Sensitivity

Exploit Availability

Vulnerability age


Measure the ROI - with insights on Health Index, Organization Risk Score etc.

Security Health Index
Organisation Risk Score
Measure TAT
Automated Email Notification

Security Health Index

Organisation Risk Score

Measure TAT

Automated Email Notification


Leverage 50+ out of the box connectors to orchestrate with your entire security stack

Scheduled Scans
Workflow Management
CI/CD Integrations
Security Teams

Scheduled Scans

Workflow Management

CI/CD Integrations

Security Teams

Ingest, Prioritize, Visualize Vulnerabilities

Produce great charts by having assets, vulnerabilities and threats at a single place

Tools We Integrate With

Take advantage of over 65+ tools including vulnerability scanners, asset inventories and devops


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