Vulnerability Aggregation

Source Agnostic Ingestion

Vulnerabilities from multiple sources shouldn’t be a headache

Ingress vulnerabilities from news sources should be easy for your teams. Strobes has native open-source scanners to support this effort. Pull data from all of your Commercial Scanners, Internal Security Teams, External Vendor Reports and Bug Bounties without worrying about multiple outputs. Bugs can also be added manually by importing LML and CSV reports.

Strobes provides a consolidated view of all vulnerabilities and provides granular insights on Vulnerability Age, Impacted Assets, and Turn-around Time, allowing for easy mitigation.


Effective patching is an art, filtering hinders the artist

Using two of your scanners to scan a single asset? Overwhelmed with the duplicates from multiple scans performed within a week?  Streamline your focus on fixing flaws and let Strobes automate the deduplication and filtering processes for you.

The consolidated view of unique findings zeroes analyst fatigue and allows the analysts to do their actual job - Fixing Vulnerabilities!

Merge and Link

Vulnerabilities don’t exist in air

Vulnerabilities exist only when an asset exists. Visualize and secure your security posture by linking vulnerabilities and assets. The Merge and Link features allows the analyst to correlate and draw innate similarities between seemingly different vulnerabilities.

Optimize People, Process and Technology efficiency by grouping similar vulnerabilities and working on a campaign.

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