Executive Reporting

Measure key performance metrics and ensure your security posture is always data-driven

With security becoming an exponentially growing concern for enterprises across industries, Strobes emphasizes 100% on the importance of prioritizing data-driven information while building a cybersecurity board report for all executives to follow.

Centralized Dashboards
Detailed Analytics
Insightful Reports

Entire view of the dashboard at a glance

Real-time security updates to make better-informed decisions

With the entire dashboard visualization on one screen, Strobes aids in the decision making abilities of the viewer by providing real-time findings of the analytic module.

Priority ensures efficiency

Ensure that your team is spending time and effort on the important tasks

Based on the average time taken to rectify an asset, with respect to its importance, ensure that your team spends time securing your most important assets.

Export your report with a blink of an eye

Make sure your report backs your decisions at all moments

Add Strobes boardroom reports with just one click to back your decisions during briefings, brainstorming sessions and presentations. Be it a high-level overview or a granular view of the report, Strobes platform makes this process as seamless as ever.

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