We eat, breath and sleep cybersecurity and if you’re close to that, feel free to join our community. We share a lot of information around DevSecOps and enterprise Vulnerability management. Also, by joining this community you might get early access to some of our community version of the products and tools.

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We have list of tools, SDK, documentations that can help you integrate Strobes with your existing tooling.


Our product is evolving almost everyday, you can find most of the stuff at Strobes Development.
We also have major features lined up for our customers in the next 12 months, here is sneak peak on what you can expect this year

Feb 2022


An orchestration tool to help you implement DevSecOps at scale with multiple integrations like Github Actions, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, and it will also have a seamless integration with Strobes. The tool will be powered by different open source SAST, DAST, Container and CSPM tools and will be available for free of use.
June 2022

Strobes Workflows

It’s time to power up our VM platform with different playbooks and automation recipes. The workflow framework will help you automatically triage vulnerabilities, trigger patch management solutions, and more
Jul 2022

Strobes Intel

The intel solution that has been powering Strobes for a quite while is getting ready to be available via an API and clients. The intel is an automated correlation tool that collects various threat data, CVEs, IOCs, and more from 100+ feeds that can help you prioritize vulnerabilities faster.
October 2022

Container Scanning

With the help of Strobes intel we were able to achieve collecting vulnerability information from 100s of feeds. Making use of it and with our in-house built SBOM tool, we will be open sourcing a container scanning tool that will be later integrated within Strobes.
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